A+ Schools


Mr. Brian Hukel, Coordinator

The A+ Schools program is a school-improvement initiative established by the Outstanding Schools Act of 1993.  Woodland High School is applying for A+ designation which is a three year process.

The A+ Program is raising academic and citizenship standards during high school and is inspiring students to develop a career path with a post-secondary plan.

Woodland High School graduates who meet the seven specific A+ State requirements may be eligible to receive state reimbursement for tuition and general fees to attend any Missouri public community college or vocational/technical school as state funds allow.  A= Program requirements include:

1.  Attend an A+ designated high school for three full years prior to graduation

2.  Maintain and graduate with a minimum accumulative 2.5 grade point average

3.  Document 95% annual and accumulative attendance record

4.  Complete 50 hours of supervised tutoring with younger students in the District

5.  Demonstrate a record of good citizenship during all four years of high school

6.  File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) senior year.  File online by visiting   www.fafsa.ed.gov between January and May

7.  Register for Selective Service, if applicable.  Register online by visiting http://www.sss.gov/

The A+ Program incentive may be available for a period of four years after high school graduation.  To maintain A+ eligibility during this time, participating students must enroll and attend a Missouri community college or public vocational or technical school on a full-time basis and maintain a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average.


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