Author's Purpose Author's Prupose 4th grade--Based on Author's Purpose cards published by Edupress
Theme Theme Practice Powerpoint

E reading Theme

Lesson plan for teaching theme

Stoires, Folklore and Fairy Tales Page

Context Clues Context Clues Smartnotebook

Context Clues--Poems--Guess Who

Context Clues--examples (to do on paper)

Context Clues--Online Vocab Quiz using context clues

Quia Context Clue Game--Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Duck Hunting Game for Context Clues

Use Context Clues to fill in words in missing sentence--Word Master

Quiz to figure out meanings of words--English Zone

Multiple Choice Quiz using Context Clues

Context Clue Quiz Includes definitions

Cow Quiz


Compare and Contrast Manatee--Examples of Compare and Contrast Ice Age Animals

Internet4Classrooms- Online Activities--4th grade level

Internet4Classrooms--3rd grade level

Predicting Harcourt SchoolsMaking Predictions

Study Zone

Predict a puzzle

Predicting with a picture walk--Sniffy and Fluffy

Predicting the Weather--Almanac

Can Animals Predict the Weather?

Drawing Conclusions Soft Schools Drawing Conclusions Quiz

Study Zone--Drawing Conclusions Quiz

Deductions Game

Cause and Effect Study Zone

Think Quest

Quia-Cause and Effect

Flippy the Fish--Harcourt School



Fact and Opinion Fact and Opinion Quiz

Quia-Fact and Opinion

Teaching and Learning--Fact and Opinion

English Zone

Worsley School-decide if fact or opinion

Quia Fact and Opinion\

Language Arts Games

Binky's Fact and Opinion

Ethemes--Fact and Opinion


Toon University

Evelyn's Expedition

Study Zone

Garfield and Nermal Fact and Opinion

Main Idea and Supporting Details

Finding Details


Study Zone--Main Idea Supporting Details

Study Zone--Kangaroo-- Suporting Detail

Study Zone--Unimportant Details


Multiple Reading skills Mrs. Hillman--Reading Skills

William Reeves Elementary

Global Classroom

Interactive Reading


Online Literacy Activities

Many activites for 3rd grade all areas--Pow Pak

Short activities for school or sent home to prove to parents what leaning Compact for Reading

Worksheets to practice skills TLS Books

Willoughby-East Lake

Parts of a Text

What information do you gain from different parts of the text?



Text Structure

Table to identify text structure

Text structure examples--Goosebumps

Text Structure poster

Text Structure Workmat



Visualizing E Themes

The Visualizing Game

Paraphrasing Identifying Acceptable Paraphrases

Perry Fraze Activity



Making Generalizations Powerpoint

Which Sentence Does Not Belong

Figurative Language



Into the Book


Tennessee Practice Tests Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Reading CHarts and Graphs Quia Quiz on Charts

Reading Charts and Graphs

Teacher Vision


Plot Diagram--Read Write Think

Plot Diagram--Jack and the Beanstalk

Power Point--Plot Diagram


Sequence Steps in a Process Internet4classrooms

Reading A Timeline

Make your own Time Line with Read Write Think


Common Core Worksheets

Making Judgements

Making Judgements Power Point


Common Core Have Fun Teaching--Reading Comprehension

Have Fun Teaching--choose skill along side.  Get worksheets


Proofreading grade levels